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Genesis Disk Institute in Woodbury, Minnesota.Beware if you become a patient - it is not chiropractic services they are selling - it is a means to get you in the door and sell you on the World Ventures pyramid scam!

I went to the clinic after meeting "Dr. DelRae Messer" at a gym in Woodbury. At first, it seemed like they knew what they were doing. "Dr.

Messer" was never seen by me again - she is young and cute and becomes the "bait" at various events. While she is a Chiro, I never once saw her practice. There were two things that caught my attention. First, the office is run by two sisters (they don't own it - just run it).

I noticed that they were taken to gossip about patients (never mind HIPA). The second thing was that there were World Ventures advertisements all over the place. The owner, David Pietsch, also a Chiro, is an alleged millionaire through this World Ventures business along with other activities. He may be.

The sisters are big into World Ventures and slowly - but surely - they started the sell. I did some research and low and behold - World Ventures is exactly what I thought - multi-level marketing/pyramid scam.

The care was at best mediocre.This clinic, overall, is a scam.

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pyramid scams are illegal anyways and my generation is never going to be able to retire or see social security with the way the government taxes the *** out of us, so our generation has started to pioneer a new way of network marketing, not pyramid scamming to better people and to allow for a way to stay at home and take care of families or allow for freedom from working for someone else who wants to monopolize your time and money till you're stressed the *** out and sick, and give people a way to pay off debt.You can choose to be a part of it or not, but it's working for some people so so be it!

It's sad that even I went back to school for a doctorate to pay rediculous tuition for classes that were not integral to helping patients in the clinic, to then be burnt out in my first 7 months being paid *** that was not going to allow me to pay off my loans in an efficient and timely manner.....mmmmmmmm a little sick and tired of that BS is to put it lightly.So kudos to those taking action in their lives to make themselves better and happier and you have every access to research and get educated about these companies and products and take part in them or not!


It sounds like all of you are upset that your not rich.Your quick to point a finger his way because of some emotional discourse your holding on to.

It really comes down to the rant of wanting to have a claim in your own self judgments. Boasting about a particular idea you dO not like. Childs play brother... But...

have no say to the banks and corps about their injustice. Do you think the rich play fair? Does the Government? Does any Corporate structure?

Your fighting against yourselves if your not will to ask the real questions and open your eyes.

Then your just chasing your sad tail.

Indigos Rise!


I recently went to this presentation about World Ventures.When I got there, I noticed people had on these shirts about what 'team' they were on.

The minute I took a seat to listen to the presentation, I felt out of place. I guess they do not really gauge who their audience is. I have an education higher than a high school diploma or GED. And I started to analyze the presenter and the team that was present at the meeting.

Lets discuss the presentation/slideshow.

The presentation is something that my son can create for fun. Everything is stole from other websites. All cut and paste unprofessionally. My 'presenter' went through the slides mighty face.

Lucky for me that I have a semi photographic memory.

Then the sell of this product begins. My 'presenter' continued to make a statement that if I cannot invest $1 in myself then I must have issues. I chuckled and allowed her to continue with her wonderful product.

I am not the type of individual who will hound my family or friends for $370 for a product I don't even believe in. Sorry, I would rather work hard for my living instead of investing that type of money in this type of scheme. If you ever attend one of the presentations, I attempted to do the math of how much you will make, it just does NOT add up. And to top things off, you can get a BMW, a silver one at that.

This BMW comes at the cost of this company 'giving' you a car allowance. Another red flag. So what if my allowance stops, how will I continue to pay for this car? Currently, I have a vehicle that was paid off years ago, why would I want to invest in car payment.

Sorry World Ventures, I am investing that $1 you told me I did not have into my savings. And if you want to convince me to join, please, just 'rent' a silver BMW and drive it to your presentation, it would at least make your presentation more believable in my opinion.

So where is the money? If you ask ANY team member involved with this company where the money is, their motto to me was, "I get paid every friday". So if that was true, why didn't they bring just a small copy of these earnings to the meeting?

Another thing the presenters should put on their to do list.

Why are people still working their full time jobs? If this is such the next best thing since Amway (lol) why are you still working a full time job? Show me this is legit, quit your job and do this full time.

This program in my opinion is targeting low income people of ANY race.

This company has done research because most low income people would like anyway to get rich quick, and these false promises of instant income appeals to anyone.

Sorry this was lengthy.

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True, all that place is based on is that scam. Also Pietsch is known for insurance fraud and other fraudulent pyramid scams.


Can you give me links for info on them being a scam?I am totally woith you; I went to one of their presentations and I was in awe of how high-pressure of sales they tried to push on me.

It's all too good to be true. They got mad when I asked questions and were almost insulting me.

The so-called "millionaire" chiro guy had stained and chipped teeth, a little strange for someone who has money to pay for corrective procedures eh?I consider myself fairly observant, so I also noticed that the people who gave the testimonials were looking at the next person to speak before they even spoke, and it seemed proof enough to me that they were simply running through a script.

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